​​​AcCELERating IT for the Financial Services Industry since 1985.

About Us

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At Celerit, we work effectively for your business, reflecting your business goals, helping you reach your full potential. Our name, derived from the Latin, "CELER" or "Swift" means we put our highest priority on efficiently and effectively identifying and helping you reach your mission critical goals. Since our founding in 1985, we’ve been building our knowledge base and nationwide network of resources that know IT, banking, and results.  We mine the expertise of a meticulously assembled team of seasoned professionals and acCELERate IT for your business.



Although our industry is complex, our guiding principle remains rather simple - take care of our customers and take care of our team.




​We strive everyday to live up to these simple mantras we call our - CORE VALUES:

Do The Right Thing:  We understand that our clients trust in us – our integrity is paramount.  No profit is worth risking our reputation of providing superior service and guidance to our client partners.  We own our mistakes, we learn from them, but we do not dwell on them.​  

Jump In & Help Out:
We understand that every team member is “in it” together with our clients.  Teamwork and willingness to work for the greater good is a principle we live by, regardless of job description or project ownership.  

Be Positive & Optimistic:  We understand that hard work is required to exceed our client expectations.  But we also understand when and how to have fun, approaching challenges with a positive and optimistic attitude.

Do What You Say:  We understand the time sensitive nature of our clients’ business and the resource commitments required to support their information technology needs.  Meeting deadlines and giving realistic, accurate information to our clients is vital to everything we do.

Get It: 
We understand our clients have complicated and real challenges.  Our approach is genuine and founded in truly listening to our clients’ needs.  Caring and concern for finding the right solution for the specific needs of each and every client is integral to our business model.