Focus your scarce resources on mission-critical initiatives rather than on day-to-day information technology concerns.

Since 1996, Celerit has excelled in supporting the management of production applications for financial institutions.  Celerit’s Application Management Services provide you with a team of experts, tools and methods to manage many of your operational activities within your own operation. This includes functions such as system upgrades, conversions, production support, incident resolution, production change management and operations management.

By relying on Celerit's expertise in these areas, our clients are able to:

  • Reduce  many of the costs and risks associated with application management
  • Eliminate overhead and headache of managing your operation
  • Retain  ownership of your data center and software


And, should there be an incident, we can draw on our substantial pool of experts to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. ​


  • Serve as one point of accountability, eliminating sourcing issues
  • Maintain primary support locally, and supplement it with expertise from experienced off-site staff
  • Deliver and maintain bank-requested enhancements
  • Provide risk mitigation services by providing predictable service levels with visibility to bank management and by managing staff retention
  • Minimize many of the other costs associated with application management
  • Deliver dependable results due to agreed-upon service levels that allow for a quicker return on your investment
  • Manage integration of various software from multiple vendors

Application Management Services



BancorpSouth approached Celerit in 1996 with a need for a technology plan to support growth. It had struggled to attract and retain the skilled resources needed to maintain existing systems and the anticipated growth required a more reliable and stable solution for the future. BancorpSouth needed a partner who could recruit, retain and manage onsite and remote resources in support of their growth objectives. Celerit became that partner in 1996 and for the past 20 years has helped BancorpSouth grow from 2.5 Billion to its current size of $14.4 Billion.

Today, Celerit is responsible for all processing on the IBM mainframe at BancorpSouth, including core software (FIS), peripheral software (PEP+, ATM, etc.) and systems (z/OS, storage, DB2, system-related utilities). Along with daily batch and production support, Celerit does all installations, upgrades and in-house development required by the bank.

As one senior BancorpSouth manager stated,

“Celerit worked with us and made sure they understood our needs and made it easy for us to do business with them. They provided us with excellent resources when we needed them for conversions, upgrades and other project work. This made choosing Celerit as our technology partner for the Future a “no-brainer”. They were able to think outside the box and cater a solution to fit our needs.”

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